If you’ve ever heard of it you’re doing better than half the people I know. A curious country, with a distinct personality and an crucial role in the history of the Middle East.

Full travel blog guide to visiting Uzbekistan. Top tips and advice for solo female travel Uzbekistan.

A practical guide to Uzbekistan

What to wear, how to behave, how to get the most from your trip, all simple but all crucial to know before you go.

Travel blog city guide to Khiva, Uzbekistan


If you ever wanted to step directly into the set of Aladdin, this is the place for you.

Travel blog city guide to Samarkand, Uzbekistan


Travel the ‘Golden Road to Samarkand’, through the heart of the Silk Road.

Travel blog city guide to Bukhara, Uzbekistan


Important and impressive, Bukhara’s place in the annals of history hasn’t been picked up by the tourist crowds yet.