It may be the most well worn route on the tourist track in South America, but there’s a reason everyone wants to be in Peru. Climb mountains, live history, surf, eat, drink, pet all the llamas.

Travel blog city guide to Iquitos, Peru. Travel blog guide to towns in the Amazon, Amazon jungle tours and backpacking travel in the Amazon

Iquitos + The Peruvian Amazon

One of the more popular spots for Amazon day-trippers, Iquitos has far more to offer if you take time to explore.

Full travel blog guide to Lake Titicaca from Puno, Peru and Copabana, Bolivia

Puno + Lake Titicaca

The Peruvian-Bolivian border is a home to a big lake and a big chance of getting altitude sickness. Read about it here.

Travel blog city guide to Cusco, Peru


Despite it’s reputation for being ‘the place to see’ in Peru, and in South America, I wasn’t too big a fan. Read why here.

Travel blog city guide to Cusco, Machu Picchu, and the Sacred Valley for budget backpackers in Peru.

More than Machu Picchu

The Sacred Valley is home to an array of ancient and curious sites, and Machu Picchu is just the surface. Explore some here.

Travel blog city guide to Lima, Peru


The stop over city that everyone on a tour round South America has been to once, twice, 100 times. Here’s things to do there.

Travel blog city guide to Arequipa, Peru


A colonial treasure nestled beneath Andean tips, Arequipa is a beautiful city, not worth skipping on your way to Cuzco.

Travel blog guide to Mancora, Peru


Learn about Mancora’s thoroughly earned reputation for being the best party town in South America + how to survive.