Iran is vast and varied, where you’ll always be welcomed warmly to a local’s home, and to their glorious dinner table. Misunderstood on a global scale, but a hot spot for the intrepid traveller, Iran is ripe for exploration.

Full travel blog guide to Iran, things to know before visiting Iran as a solo female backpacker

What to know before visiting Iran

What to wear, how to behave, how to stay safe and how to make the most of your trip. All straight forward, but important.

Travel blog city guide to Shiraz, Iran


A city with no shiraz wine and an abundance of shirazi salad. Also beautiful mosques and history and whatnot.

Travel blog city guide to Tehran, Iran


Iran’s smokey capital is certainly full of character, if not colour. Palaces and gardens, street markets and kebabs, all you need.

Travel blog city guides to Qom, Iran and Kashan, Iran

Qom & Kashan

Smaller cities on the road between Isfahan and Tehran, deeply religious with the impressive mosques to match.

Travel blog city guide to Isfahan, Iran


There’s only so many times that someone can tell you that ‘Isfahan is half the world’, but I’ll do it again anyway.