The first forages into international travel often happen here, in the well worn paths of the Euro Trip trail. Make your way from Portuguese beaches to Czech parties, from Norwegian fjords to Greek islands. Europe is so varied you can experience vastly different cultures in alarmingly short train journeys. Learn about a few here.

Travel blog guide to the Baltics, Latvia, Estonia, Riga, Tallinn

The Baltics

Far away from the typical Euro-tour routes, don’t miss out on the beautiful Baltic coast. Cheap, occasionally cheerful, always packed full of things to see.



More than waffles and pomme frites, check out everything from quaint towns to huge, historic cities in Belgium.

Travel blog guide to Armenia, Yerevan


You’ve seen the ancient churches nestled beneath imposing mountain shadows, but come and stay for the culture and for the history and for the Armenians.

Budapest travel blog guide


From the wildest of ruin bars to the most tranquil strolls along the banks of the Danube, find whatever you’re looking for in the historic Hungarian capital, Budapest.