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Visiting the San Bernardo Islands, Colombia

With the glorious white sand beaches that define the Caribbean, and the laid-back lifestyle you’ll come to know in Colombia, these gems of the Colombian Caribbean are the full package for budget travellers.

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The Killing of Cusco

Have the once-mystic cobbled streets of Cusco, now trampled over by thousands of tourists a day, lost their ancient charm?

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Visiting Isla Isabela, Galapagos

The largest and most spectacular of the Galapagos Islands available to independent, budget travellers. Visiting Isla Isabela gives you access to sea lions, giant rays, sharks, turtles, whales, iguanas, pelicans, blue footed boobies. The list is endless, but you can read about a fair few here.

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5 Things To Do In Sucre, Bolivia

A sleep city with a revolutionary history, Bolivia’s white city is the best spot to perfect your Spanish or take a quick break in an easy-going town.

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A Practical Guide to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a beautiful and rarely travelled gem of Central Asia. For practical information on travel, language, safety, and what to expect, check this out.

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